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EACopy simplifies the process of distributing new versions of .ex4 files across multiple instances of MT4. You simply put the new file(s) in one central place, and EACopy then transfers them into any number of different MT4 installations on your computer.
QuickChannel is a library for sending messages between copies of MetaTrader 4 running on the same computer (or between EAs/scripts running in the same installation of MT4). QuickChannel can deliver messages in less than 1 millisecond.
The Data Integrity Checker analyses the data being used in MT4 backtesting and reports on common problems: missing bars in the data, incorrect spikes in prices, .fxt files exceeding 2GB (which cannot be correctly processed by MT4).
The Email Library is a simple DLL which provides all the email functionality missing from MT4: multiple recipients, attached files, HTML formatting, support for GMail etc.
The SMS Library is a simple DLL which any MT4 developer can use to add SMS alerts to their EA. The SMS is sent directly from MT4; delivery is faster and more reliable than using an email-to-SMS gateway.