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Competition rules
1. Apri un conto reale su IG Markets seguendo il link posto nella pagina del mio sito. 

2. La piattaforma ammessa ? la Metatrader 4.

3. Inviami una mail (renato@decarolis.tv) riportando il numero di conto e lo username scelto su FxBlue.

4. Ti mander? l’invito su FxBlue. Lo accetti e connetti la tua Metatrader a FxBlue.

5. Mettere “visibile” su FxBlue il proprio numero di conto e le operazioni aperte e chiuse.

6. La valuta del conto in euro, per il resto sei libero di scegliere la leva e la strategia.

7. Capitale minimo di partenza di 500 euro.

8. Minimo 10 operazioni chiuse.

9. Max drawdown del 25%, inteso come massima perdita subita rispetto al valore di picco registrato, incluso le operazioni aperte. Raggiunto tale limite si ? squalificati automaticamente.

10. E’ possibile partecipare con pi? conti.

11. Eventuali comunicazioni ufficiali durante il contest saranno pubblicate nel FORUM dedicato su FxBlue. 

12. Le iscrizioni al contest si chiudono il 24 febbraio 2020.

To take part in the competition, you need to publish your trading account to FX Blue Live. Winners may be required to give the competition organiser a read-only password for their trading account in order to verify the results.

The organiser has set the following rules for the competition:

  • Competitors must use the following trading software to publish their results to FX Blue Live: MetaTrader 4. Competitors must publish their results to FX Blue Live using account sync or the FX Blue Publisher EA, not MT4's built-in FTP publishing.
  • The competition is open to live accounts only (not demo accounts).
  • All accounts must be in EUR.
  • Competitors will be disqualified if they lose more than 25% from any peak during the competition. This applies even if the account is still profitable. For example, you will be disqualified if you start with EUR 10,000, increase that to EUR 20,000, but your equity then falls below EUR 15,000.
  • Performance is measured from the first equity figure published by your trading software after the competition starts to the last equity figure published before the competition ends.
  • Any deposits during the competition are treated as though they happened at the start of the competition. Your performance will be affected if you make deposits towards the end of a competition.
  • Competitors must publish from the same broker account throughout the competition.
  • The competition is scheduled to run from Tue, 4 Feb 2020 09:57 GMT to Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:00 GMT. However, the organiser may start or stop the competition early or late at their discretion.
  • MetaTrader 4 users must publish their results using the FX Blue Publisher EA or account sync. You cannot use MT4's built-in FTP publishing.

All inquiries, disputes, appeals, questions, petitions, and problems will be evaluated by the competition organiser and final decisions will be considered binding and satisfactory.

This competition has finished.
Only the organiser (renato_decarolis) can alter the competition settings.
Competitor information can only viewed by people taking part in the competition.

You are choosing to permanently disqualify the following competitors:

Please enter a reason for the disqualification:


This competition is invitation-only. People can only take part by receiving an invitation from you.

Enter up to 20 email addresses, each on a separate line. (You can send further invitations by using this window again.)

You can add a message to the forum using the box below. Please note that messages are plain-text only, and cannot exceed 1,000 characters.

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If you run your own website and are proficient in Javascript, you can use scripts provided by FX Blue Live to show competitor information in any format.

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