Competition: Expert4x 2017 Forex Challenge $6000

Competition rules
The Rules are quite simple.
The detailed and main rules are available from this link:-
Below is a basic summary
1.You can use demo and live accounts
2.The winners will be the traders with the biggest Return on initial investment
3.The competition runs from the 25th of June 2017 to the 29th of July 2017 (5 weeks)
4.You can join the competition at any time after the start
5.You can have as many entries as you like
6.Please note that you can only start trading once your competition registration has been confirmed. You are not allowed to start with any active trades. Please allow 30 minutes after linking your account to FXBlue before trading.
7.Your trading account must be made available for auditing and verification at any time
8.There are 21 prizes in this competition. To give everybody a chance of winning a single trader can only win 1 prize.
9.Before you start trading you need to notify Mary McArthur at mary (att) expert4x . (com) of your competitor name and email address.
10.Please note that cash prizes will be paid via PayPal – you need a PayPal account to receive your prize. 

To take part in the competition, you need to publish your trading account to FX Blue Live. Winners may be required to give the competition organiser a read-only password for their trading account in order to verify the results.

The organiser has set the following rules for the competition:

  • The competition is open to both live and demo accounts.
  • Competitors are not allowed to have open positions when the competition starts. The first time your results are published to FX Blue Live after the competition starts, there must be no open positions.
  • Performance is measured from the first equity figure published by your trading software after the competition starts to the last equity figure published before the competition ends.
  • Any deposits during the competition are treated as though they happened at the start of the competition. Your performance will be affected if you make deposits towards the end of a competition.
  • Competitors must publish from the same broker account throughout the competition.
  • The competition is scheduled to run from Sun, 25 Jun 2017 12:01 GMT to Sat, 29 Jul 2017 21:00 GMT. However, the organiser may start or stop the competition early or late at their discretion.
  • MT4 users must publish their results using the FX Blue Publisher EA or account sync. You cannot use MT4's built-in FTP publishing.

All inquiries, disputes, appeals, questions, petitions, and problems will be evaluated by the competition organiser and final decisions will be considered binding and satisfactory.

This competition has finished.
Only the organiser (expert4xlive) can alter the competition settings.
Competitor information can only viewed by people taking part in the competition.

You are choosing to permanently disqualify the following competitors:

Please enter a reason for the disqualification:


This competition is open to all users. Anyone can join by visiting the competition web page. However, you can also send out invitations.

Enter up to 20 email addresses, each on a separate line. (You can send further invitations by using this window again.)

You can add a message to the forum using the box below. Please note that messages are plain-text only, and cannot exceed 1,000 characters.

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