GER30 Scalping

High Speed Trading

Last update: 378 days ago
Equity: (hidden)
Floating P/L: (hidden)
Free margin:340.07
Margin in use:0.00
Margin level:-
Closed profit:-66.64
Account type:Real
IG Group Limited
Order list: Notes
Monthly return:-
Weekly return:-
Total return:-
Peak drawdown:-
Trade win %:47.1%
Profit factor:0.49
Trade length:5.4 mins
Trades per day:3.4
Full statistics and charts
Risk/Reward Ratio
  • Open orders are hidden
  • Pending orders are hidden
  • The account history has been truncated by the broker. There are no deposits on the account.

Verified accounts

"Verified" means that FX Blue has collected the account data directly from the broker, using our account sync, or comes from a similarly trusted source.

Semi-verified accounts

Semi-verified accounts are uploaded using our publisher EAs for MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, or equivalent software for other platforms such as FXCM Trading Station II.

This software includes anti-tamper controls, and results are almost certainly genuine. However, it is theoretically possible for users to manipulate the data which is sent to FX Blue.

There are good reasons why people use semi-verified EA publication rather than fully-verified account sync. Our publisher EAs are faster, more private, and more flexible than account sync, and work on more trading platforms.

Unverified accounts

All other accounts are unverified. They are either reports which have been uploaded from MetaTrader 4 using FTP, or they are backtesting reports. It is impossible to verify whether the results have been manipulated, or whether they are from a demo account or a real one.

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