FX Blue TradeTalk for MT4

TradeTalk sends immediate notifications by email, SMS or Twitter whenever trades are opened and closed in MT4. In effect, it adds alerting to any third-party EA without needing to modify its code. TradeTalk can also report on manual trading, and can be used to run a simple signal distribution service where you notify subscribers whenever you trade.

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About the app

TradeTalk adds alerts to any third-party EA, or to manual trading. You simply run TradeTalk on any chart in MT4, and receive notifications by email, SMS, or Twitter whenever any trades are opened or closed in MT4. Alerting can be restricted to particular symbols or EAs (based on the magic numbers they use for their trades).

Latest version is v2.03 - change list

Alerts are sent more or less instantly. For example, SMS will typically arrive within 5 seconds of a trade being placed, Twitter will be updated within 10 seconds, and email will arrive as fast as your ISP can handle it. TradeTalk can either use MT4's built-in email handling, or it can use its own email functionality with support for Gmail and Yahoo, multiple recipients, CC'd and BCC'd recipients, and HTML-formatted mail.

TradeTalk can also be used to run a basic signal distribution service. You place trades, either manually or using an EA, and you use TradeTalk to send alerts to your subscribers.

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