Publisher EA for MT4/5

Our Publisher EAs for MT4 and MT5 upload your trading history to

  • More frequent than account sync - immediate updates of the website on new trading activity
  • More flexible than account sync - set starting funds, exclude specific trades etc
  • Works with any VPS hosting, including the MetaQuotes VPS service (or on other shared hosting which does not allow DLLs)

Get real-time analysis and insights on your mobile phone

As an alternative to the Publisher EA, you can get completely real-time updates and account analysis on your mobile phone (or in your web browser) by following two easy steps:

The Account History tab of the Figaro platform gives you comprehensive statistics about your account, updating in real time with each tick in the market. It also provides insights into your best and worst performances, and lets you download trade lists and statements.

You can also trade your account via the Figaro platform, and get access to sophisticated charting and many other market data tools.

Try the Figaro Connector EA

Publisher EA for MT4

Our Publisher EA for MT4

Publisher EA for MT5

Our Publisher EA for MT5

Frequently Asked Questions about the Publisher EAs

Can I set a start date for the publication?

Yes, you can use the IncludeIfOpenedSince setting in the EA.

Why is the website only showing part of my history?

You may need to get MT4/5 desktop to download your full history from the broker, or, in some cases, the broker may have truncated the available history on your account.
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