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Market data

Real-time charts

Forex, metals and crypto charts updating in real-time with interbank rates. Fully-featured charts with a choice of over 100 technical indicators and over 50 drawing tools. Available chart types include Renko, Heikin Ashi, and Kagi as well as traditional candles and OHLC bars. Timeframes range from seconds (e.g. S10 bars) through to weeks and months.


Future events scanner

Instead of telling you what has already happened, and trading opportunities you have missed, the future event scanner looks for events which are close to happening and which may cause a reaction in the market. Examples include new highs and lows, breakouts of Bollinger bands or swing points, and markets which are strongly trending or ranging.

Currency strength

Compares the relative strength of major currencies, helping you identify profitable trading ideas. You can view the relative strength over short, medium, or long duration, or use your own custom settings. The display shows both the headline score for each currency and also a breakdown of its strength over individual time periods.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis of markets, updating live with each new tick. Shows a range of moving averages, oscillators, and pivot points, and combines them into an overall long/short % score. The analysis is available for any timeframe ranging from seconds (e.g. S10) through to weeks and months.


Market overviews

Overview of the price action on markets across multiple timeframes, letting you quickly assess market activity and direction. Shows the price movements for the last 60 minutes, 24 hours, and 5 days, plus charts for recent activity on M5, M15, and H1.


Tick charts

Live tick charts showing every change in the ask or bid price. Lets you inspect ultra short-term market movements and visualize fluctations in the spread. The charts can also show a tick speed indicator, illustrating active and quiet periods in the market. There is also an option for drawing tick candles.


Correlation matrix

The correlation matrix shows mathematical correlation between any list of markets which you select. It helps to identify combinations of trades which may be riskier than expected because, in effect, you are placing one large trade instead of two indepedent trades.

Trader sentiment

Live trader sentiment based on the open positions of FX Blue users. Figures are based on the number of real-money accounts (not demo) which are currently net-long or net-short. See how other people are trading, and decide whether to go with the trend or against it.

Currency heat map

The currency heat map shows the largest rises and falls in currency pairs over the last 24 hours, identifying where trading has been most active. You can filter the list so that it only shows the movements for a single currency such as EUR or USD.

Session map

Shows your local time in relation to trading sessions across the world, together with upcoming events in the economic calendar. You can click on a current or previous market session to see a summary of price ranges and changes during that session's trading.

Quote board

Simple and effective quote board which you can use to watch current prices. The list can be grouped by asset class, or filtered to select particular markets or spreads. You can quickly load in a pre-defined list of markets such as all USD crosses, or create and save your own watch-lists.

Website widgets

FX Blue offers a range of widgets which you can embed on your own website: a tick chart, a quote board, and FX Blue's Price Action News