Market Scanner

The market scanner lets you monitor technical analysis on multiple markets from a single concise page. You can quickly load new watch-lists of markets into the page, and you can add your choice of over 50 technical indicators including many types of moving average and oscillator. You can also set up your own rules for highlighting the market conditions which are important to you. For example: RSI over 80 or below 20, an increase in a moving average compared to the previous bar, or a positive or negative ditterence between the current price and a previous high. You can also tilter the scanner list to pick out markets which meet a combination of numeric conditions.

Settings Modifications

As well as displaying technical analysis calculations such as the current value of RSI, the scanner can also be configured to display information such as the following:

  • Change in an indicator compared to its previous value
  • Difference between an indicator and the current price. For example: whether the current price is above or below a moving average.
  • Difference between the current price and another price such as the current or previous high

In short: the market screener shows you the price and technical analysis levels which are important to you, from a single web page and without needing to keep an eye on multiple charts. You may also be interested in our Future Events Scanner. This watches for major market changes - new highs or lows, envelope break-outs etc. - which are close to happening.

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