Take a Free Trading Challenge

... before you pay an entry fee to a prop trading firm, or just practise trading with an open-ended demo account from FX Blue.

No broker registration! And no downloads - trade from your browser or phone.

You can set up a trading challenge for yourself, with your choice of duration and target. The system automatically tracks your performance, and notifies you when the challenge succeeds or fails. You can follow your tick-by-tick progress on this website or in the trading platform. Try out your trading skills before paying entry fees to prop trading firms - or just practise for fun.

FX Blue also offers regular demo accounts. These have no fixed duration or target. You can use them for general, open-ended trading practice.

Create a Free Trading Challenge

Create a free trading challenge with your own choice of settings: profit target, maximum loss, duration.

Create a Free Demo Account

Create an open-ended demo account without a profit target or maximum loss.

Trading challenges

FX Blue offers free trading challenges - test out your trading before you pay an entrance fee to a prop trading firm.

Challenge accounts have a duration, a target, and a maximum loss. There can also be a separate limit on the maximum daily loss. Challenge accounts are terminated if any of the following happens:

  • You hit the profit target
  • You lose more than the maximum loss
  • Your equity falls in a single day by more than the daily limit (if there is one)
  • You reach the end of the period without hitting any of the limits
  • You don't open a new trade at least every 72 hours (excluding weekends)

Regular demo accounts

FX Blue also offers open-ended demo accounts. These have no target or limits, and are for general practice purposes. You can choose between different margin settings and spreads depending on the conditions which you want to simulate.

Demo accounts generally expire if they are not used. Conditions vary, but we may delete an account if you don't log into it for a week.

Not a brokerage!

FX Blue is not a brokerage. We do not take client deposits, and we do not offer real-money trading accounts or paid challenges. We only provide demo accounts, for practice purposes.

Our technology

You trade your FX Blue demo account using our Figaro platform:

The Figaro platform contains a huge range of tools and features to support both experienced and new traders. Check out the Tutorials section within the platform, or the videos on our website.

Our demo accounts are powered by our own proprietary margin engine, optimised for providing demo accounts. Our margin engine makes it easy for us to provide a variety of account types, trailing stops, rules such as maximum drawdown, and automated scheduled creation, closure, and deletion of accounts. (Our margin engine is also very fast. Once your order arrives over the internet, our engine will typically execute it in sub 500 microseconds - that's < 0.5 milliseconds, one two-thousandth of a second.)

For brokers, we can also offer trading challenges using your own margin engine such as MT4/5 or DXtrade, rather than our margin engine. Please contact sales@fxbluelabs.com for more information.

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