FX Blue Account Monitor

The FX Blue Account Monitor collects headline information such as current balance and equity from FX Blue Live, showing the figures in a window on yourdesktop without you needing to visit the website. It can also watch for problems such as low free-margin, or a loss of connection by your copy of MT4.

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About the app

The Account Monitor reads the data which you publish to FX Blue Live, and displays headline information such as balance and equity in a window on your desktop. It can also watch for problems on your accounts, such as low free margin or a loss of connection to your broker. The alerts about these problems can be sent out by email or SMS.

The Account Monitor can watch multiple accounts, collecting data up to every 1 minute (while the market is open).

The Account Monitor can be used with any type of account published to FX Blue Live: MT4, MT5, xOpenHub, cTrader etc.

The Account Monitor does not have to be installed on the same computer which you trade from. It is actually slightly better if you install it on a different computer: the Account Monitor can then detect a complete loss of the internet connection on your trading computer.

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