How do I calculate bespoke statistics?
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Each grid on the Stats page provides a powerful "Column stats" facility. For example, you can find out the average number of winning trades per week by doing the following:

  • Go to the Stats page
  • Go to the Week tab
  • Right-click over any cell in the Winners column, and choose Column Stats
  • FX Blue Live will display comprehensive stats on the column, including the average of the values in it - i.e. the average number of winning trades per week

For even more specific results, you can also filter the grids on the Stats page. For example, you can calculate the average number of lots traded only on days when you make a profit:

  • Go to the Day tab
  • Sort the grid by net profit
  • Right-click over the first positive (i.e. profitable) value in the net profit column, and choose "Greater or equal". This removes all losing days from the grid.
  • Right-click over any of the values in the Lots Traded column and choose Column Stats. The statistics will now only apply to profitable days.
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