FAQ: Why is my MT4/5 broker (or server) not listed for account sync?

Why is my MT4/5 broker (or server) not listed for account sync?
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We add new brokers to the MT4/5 account sync list when users ask us to. To add a new server, please send the following information by email to support@fxblue.com

In order for us to add a new broker (or a new server for an existing broker) you will need to send us two things:

  1. An example account number and read-only investor password on the new server
  2. Server details

In relation to the server details, we need one of the following (in order of preference):

  • The internet hostname of the server (e.g. mt4live.mybroker.com, not the MT4/5 Server ID such as MyBroker-Live)
  • The IP address of the server
  • A copy of the servers.ini file (for MT4) or the servers.dat file (for MT5). You can find this by using File / Open Data Folder in MT4/5, and then going to the config subdirectory

You can check which server you are connected to in MT4/5 by using Tools / Options, and then the Server tab of those settings.

(We cannot create the new record if you only give us the server ID such as MyBroker-Live. We need the corresponding servers.ini or servers.dat file as well - or, preferably, the internet hostname or IP address.)

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