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Live chart for BRENT. Analyse the price action using the chart's 100+ technical indicators and 50+ drawings tools.

Chart types include Renko, Heikin Ashi, and Kagi as well as the more traditional candles and OHLC bars. Available timeframes range from seconds-charts (S10) through to days and months.

You can change the time zone of the chart, to match your local time zone or a preference such as GMT. You can also invert the prices, or use a multiplier.

To change the default settings for all the charts on this website, save your preferred chart as a template and choose the "Default template" option.


Brent Crude is one of the main global oil benchmarks, and used for a majority of global oil contracts. It is a "light sweet" oil, sourced from fields off the coast of Scotland. Brent usually trades at a premium to WTI.