About the chart

Live chart for DAX. Analyse the price action using the chart's 100+ technical indicators and 50+ drawings tools.

Chart types include Renko, Heikin Ashi, and Kagi as well as the more traditional candles and OHLC bars. Available timeframes range from seconds-charts (S10) through to days and months.

You can change the time zone of the chart, to match your local time zone or a preference such as GMT. You can also invert the prices, or use a multiplier.

To change the default settings for all the charts on this website, save your preferred chart as a template and choose the "Default template" option.

About DAX

The DAX (Deutscher Aktien Index) is a share index of the 30 largest companies on the Frankfurt stock exchange. It is a measure of the health not only of the German economy, but also, because of the size and sphere of operation of the constituents, of the Eurozone and global economies as well.