Market overview for CADJPY

The market overview lets you quickly compare price movements on different timescales.

The overview shows three gauges, for the price movement during the last 60 minutes, 24 hours, and 5 days. Each gauge shows the current price in relation to the high-low range (with prices). A gauge which is mostly blue means that the current price is towards the top end of the range; orange means that the price is towards the lower end of the range. The inner bar then shows the open price for the period, and the corresponding % change.

Below the gauges are three simple candle charts, letting you compare short-term market activity on the M5, M15 and H1 timeframes.


The CADJPY pair is the abbreviation for the Canadian Dollar and Japanese Yen. The pair is characterized by its high volatility and strong, long-lasting trends, making it a profitable option when pursuing medium and long term trading strategies. The trading instrument is most active during the Asian and American sessions and least active during the European session. The movement of CADJPY is strongly influenced by fundamental data, including world oil prices, changes in trade balance and interest rates in Canada and Japan. There is also a significant correlation with th charts of Brent crude oil and its oil futures, as well as EURJPY pair chart. Trading CADJPY is considered quite difficult, because it requires experience running medium-term strategies. Short-term trading tactics are not effective for this asset due to the increased spread as a result of double conversion.