Tick chart

Tick chart for EURGBP, showing each change in the ask or bid price. (If the spread is very tight then the lines may overlap, and only the ask line may be visible.)

As well as a plain tick chart, you can use the "Tick speed" mode to add an indicator showing how long it has taken for the last N ticks to happen. The lower the histogram, the faster the market is moving.

The "Timed" mode still shows each change in the ask or bid price, but the X axis of the chart is set to constant units of time. You can use this to view individual ticks while still being able to distinguish between fast and slow periods in the market.

The "Candles" mode draws tick candles. These are candles which form each time that N ticks happen, rather than being time-based.


The EURGBP pair is the abbreviation of the Euro and the British Pound. The pair tells the trader how many British Pounds (the quote currency) are needed to purchase one Euro (the base currency). This is one of the most traded currency pairs. The European and British economies are massively intertwined as large amounts of capital are exchanged on a daily basis between the UK and the European Union so the pair tends to be relatively stable. But events and news related to the exit of Great Britain from the European Union in 2017 affects the pair and creates more movement than usual.