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Name:Rule Two PTY LTD | +27 (64) 554-8432
$ Cost Averaging, Scalping Hedging  EA
High profit with low drawdown 

Impossible to blow your account with our EA.

We have 2 safety features 
1. Hedge functionality
2. Equity Protection (EP) feature on the EA, which means that it is impossible to blow your account. 

1. Hedge | How it works 
You can set the robot to open a hedge trade at either X price or X drawdown. This allows for the market to cool. After cooling and reversal of the market you can remove the hedge and continue trading safely. 

This is a brilliant function that allows you to double or triple your account size safely. I have full video training explaining the concept.

2. Equity Protector | How it works
You decide on your risk. If you decide that you only want to risk 10% of your initial capital or accumulated equity + profit, then setup the EP to 10%. When or if 10.01% of your total equity is used in open trades, the EP will automatically close all open trades in a loss. You lose 10% of your Equity. The EA reboots in 24 hours or you can reboot the EA manually. 90% of your Equity has thus been protected.

How is this better than stop loss?
Stop losses can fail!!
If the price opens above or below your stop loss line then in effect the price has jumped over your protection & thus has not activated. This is a sure fire way to blow your account. 

The EP is based on your Equity so blowing more than what you are prepared to risk is impossible. 

Trading history:
First upload:2022/03/24 (GMT)
Most recent:2024/04/13 09:04:48 (GMT)
Total uploads:499615

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