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Alert Forwarder for MT4 and MT5 - Saturday, 8th October 2016

We are pleased to announce the release of a new monitoring app for MT4 and MT5: the Alert Forwarder.

The Alert Forwarder lets you add email, SMS, Twitter and push notifications to EAs or indicators which do not offer this themselves. For example, if an EA or indicator displays a pop-up alert in MT4/5, you can use the Alert Forwarder to turn this into an email or a push notification.

The app can also be used to scan the MT4/5 Journal, generating alerts about events such as disconnections or failed orders.

In addition, the app can be configured to take screenshots of its chart when an event is detected, allowing later diagnosis of problems, inspection of trade set-ups etc. For example, you can use it to take a screenshot of an indicator's chart whenever that indicator writes a particular entry to the logs.

Click here to try out the MT4 Alert Forwarder or MT5 Alert Forwarder

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