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Filtering on order comments - Saturday, 25th June 2011

You can now filter results based on order comments, in addition to the existing options to filter by date, lot size, symbol, direction etc.

(You need to be publishing your order comments in order to use this facility. If you are using the MT4/MT5 publisher EAs then you need to turn on the "PublishOrderComments" parameter. If you are using account sync then the "Publish order comments" option is turned on by default.)

The text you enter is matched against any part of the order comment. For example, "close" matches against either of the comments "partial close" or "close by hedge". If you only want to match against the start of the order comment, then use / at the start of the text, e.g. "/close".

You can also specify different comments, separated by commas. For example, "close,/partial" matches against any order comments which contain "close", or against any comments which start with "partial". And you can preface the whole list with ! to mean "all orders except those matching this list of comments".

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