FX Blue Personal Trade Copier for MT4

The Personal Trade Copier is used by tens of thousands of traders on a daily basis.

There are versions of the copier for both MT4 and MT5. This is the version for MT4.

The versions for MT4 and MT5 are compatible with each other. To copy between MT4 and MT5, simply download and install the MT4 version of the copier in MT4, and the MT5 version of the copier in MT5.

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Recommended brokers

The FX Blue Personal Trade Copier for MT4 works with the desktop client terminal from any broker, but click here to see our list of recommended brokers.

Our recommended brokers have tightened spreads, a wider range of available markets, or special offers which can improve your trading results.

About the app

The Personal Trade Copier duplicates orders between two (or more) instances of MT4/MT5 running on the same computer. It is trusted by tens of thousands of traders all over the world, and is even used by brokers to offset risk and liquidity from one server to another.

Changes in this new release, v10:

  • Versions for both MT4 and MT5. Send and receive between any combination of MT4 and MT5 accounts.
  • Improved copying speed
  • In MT4, run trading actions in parallel - copy multiple new signals at the same time - using an optional worker EA
  • Improved automatic detection of different symbol names on different broker accounts, reducing the need for manual settings
  • Override the copier's actions using your own MQL code

This is the MT4 version of the Copier. There is also a version for MT5.

The trade copier has a wide range of features. These are covered in greater detail in the user guide:

  • Adjust lot sizes, including risk-based adjustment based on the relative equity of the two accounts
  • Adjust the s/l and t/p
  • Only copy orders for specific symbols
  • Only copy orders with specific magic numbers
  • Copies both manual and automated trading activity
  • Send email alerts on trading activity
  • Uses a single magic number for all orders, allowing analysis of results by EA
  • Automatically adjusts between different broker symbols names such as EURUSD and EURUSDcx
  • Automatically adjusts between brokers who use 2/3DP and 4/5DP pricing
  • Invert original trade direction
  • Daily trading hours during which the copier is allowed to trade
  • Handles partial closes

The sending copy of MT4 does not need the ability to place trades. It can be logged in using the read-only MT4 "investor" password.

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The Personal Trade Copier duplicates trades between any installations of MT4 or MT5 on the same computer - simply use the MT4 EA in MT4, and the MT5 EA in MT5. Supports any broker. Copying is almost instant, limited only by your broker's speed. Hundreds of settings, including the ability to change lot sizing and risk, invert trade direction, control which trades are copied, and even extend the copier with your own MQL code.

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