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MT4i Desktop is FX Blue Live's big brother: the only institutional-quality analysis and reporting tool for MT4 users. MT4i Desktop can calculate historic account equity as well as account balance, report on backtesting results, combine multiple live accounts or multiple backtests into a single database, and generate institutional-class analysis such as correlation, Sharpe ratios, and Monte Carlo projections.

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Our installer, and also some of our individual tools, require v4.8 of the Microsoft .NET Framework. This may not be installed by default on some VPSes.

About the app

MT4i is currently being beta-tested. To take part in the testing, please sign up for MT4i Live and then contact us for a licence code once you have published a report.

The MT4i Desktop application is the premier reporting and analysis tool for MT4.

  • Examine historic day-end account equity as well as account balance.
  • Filter results to view particular time periods, or accounts, or expert advisors (based on the "magic numbers" they use) etc.
  • Store multiple accounts in the same database and report on them together.
  • Combine the results from multiple MT4 strategy tests, and analyze combined risk and return.
  • Examine Sharpe ratios, drawdowns, profit factors, peaks and valleys etc.
  • Inspect the correlation between trading results on different symbols.
  • View projected risk and returns using Monte Carlo simulations.
  • Export trade lists and analysis to Excel.
  • Configure any and all aspects of charts, and export them to Powerpoint.
  • Import results from MT4i Live, or any other MT4 statement published on a website.
  • Exchange data and analysis with colleagues.

For even more information about MT4i, you can download the help file which is supplied with the software (in Microsoft .CHM format).

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