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BalanceEquityFloating P/LFree marginLast upload
gv1hrset144,976.4744,976.470.0044,976.47175 days ago
gv1hrset245,978.3245,978.320.0045,978.3227 days ago
gv1hrset343,693.6843,693.680.0043,693.68175 days ago
gv4hrset153,077.1953,077.190.0053,077.19175 days ago
gv4hrset251,813.8751,813.870.0051,813.87175 days ago
gv4hrset352,148.7052,148.700.0052,148.70175 days ago
gvdailyset148,845.1748,845.170.0048,845.17175 days ago
gvdailyset249,532.7649,532.760.0049,532.76175 days ago
gvdailyset352,444.7952,444.790.0052,444.79175 days ago