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Portfolio details: hitport

(owned by account "2089458898") Portfolio
This is a portfolio consisting of the results from multiple FX Blue Live accounts. Use Ctrl+Click to open each account in a new browser tab. (To create portfolios of your own, you need to register with FX Blue Live or log back in.)
BalanceEquityFloating P/LFree marginLast upload
20894588985,116,066.695,116,066.690.005,116,066.69953 days ago
20894588995,014,890.945,014,890.940.005,014,890.94964 days ago
20894730866,701.706,701.700.006,701.70979 days ago
20894730875,471.595,423.89-47.705,416.74971 days ago
20894775426,404.626,404.620.006,404.62971 days ago
20894862906,557.046,557.040.006,557.04979 days ago