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Weekly return
Monthly return
Profit factor
0 days
Floating P/L
Deposits, profit, and loss
Banked trades0.000.000.00
Open trades0.000.000.00
Total return:-
Banked return:-
Per day:-
Per week:-
Per month:-
Banked profits per day/week/month/trade
WinningLosingWin/loss%BestWorstBest seqWorst seq
Closed trades:00
Stats on closed trades
TradesProfitAvg cashAvg pipsAvg lengthCash/hrPips/hrLong seq
Winners: 0.000.000
Losers: 0.000.000
All trades: 0.000.00n/a
MAE/MFE data is approximate
You can analyse results by EA (MT4 magic number) or define "strategy tags" which match against part of an order comment. To analyse results by EA you need to publish your results using our Publisher EA or account sync. To define strategy tags, you need to publish your order comments using our Publisher EA or account sync, and then use the Strategy Tags button.

Strategy tags match against part or all of an order comment, and let you divide up your trading results by strategy. For example, when placing an order you can give it the comment "strategy1 risky". You could then have separate tags which match against and analyse "strategy1" and "risky", or a tag which only matches against comments containing both "strategy1" and "risky". More info...

You must publish your order comments in order to use comment tags. If you are using our Publisher EA, turn on the PublishOrderComments parameter.

Give the tag a caption, and choose what to match against in the order comment.

For "any of", "all of", or "none of" matches, enter a comma-separated list of phrases to look for in the order comment - for example, an all-of search for "strategy1,risky" will match against an order with the comment "strategy1 breakout risky".

Match type:
Match text:

Draw a filtered chart

This tool draws a filtered chart, only including orders which match the records you have selected in the grid. For example, if you use the grid on the Symbols tab, and select one symbol in the grid, the chart you choose to draw will then only include orders for that symbol.

This tool is a quick alternative to filtering the results using the Filter button (in the top right of the page), and then using the main Charts tab.


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