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(owned by account "memberforex") Portfolio
This is a portfolio consisting of the results from multiple FX Blue Live accounts. Use Ctrl+Click to open each account in a new browser tab. (To create portfolios of your own, you need to register with FX Blue Live or log back in.)
BalanceEquityFloating P/LFree marginLast upload
cht-83169,783.2970,233.290.0070,233.291186 days ago
fuad12,965.252,938.56-26.692,922.36289 days ago
fuad24,846.014,846.010.004,846.01319 days ago
fuad50. days ago
fuad60. days ago
fuad70. days ago
lockarbitragemnual115,469.7318,024.162,554.4318,024.1660 days ago
lockarbitragetp143,600.8842,485.02-1,115.8636,485.025 days ago
lockingarbitrage242,437.1942,383.09-54.1041,783.0960 days ago
memberforex6,150.770.000.006,150.77848 days ago
memberforex333,210.9532,786.44-424.5132,287.46415 days ago
memberforex70. days ago
ninjaforex140. days ago
ninjaforex63,895,399.573,895,399.570.003,895,399.57205 days ago
ninjaforex90. days ago
yanskven961.91951.32-10.59940.7448 days ago
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