Portfolio details: usi2017

(owned by account "eagledriver7") Portfolio
This is a portfolio consisting of the results from multiple FX Blue Live accounts. Use Ctrl+Click to open each account in a new browser tab. (To create portfolios of your own, you need to register with FX Blue Live or log back in.)
BalanceEquityFloating P/LFree marginLast upload
ahn-100000. days ago
bm- minutes ago
ca-30000. minutes ago
cg-120000. days ago
cp-11000. minutes ago
cw-150057.4257.420.0057.425 minutes ago
db-10000. minutes ago
ds-25000. days ago
eagledriver70. minutes ago
fl-10000. minutes ago
fr- days ago
gb-21170. minutes ago
gs-10001. minutes ago
gs-1000024,733.2510,714.43-14,018.82682.94478 days ago
ij-10000. days ago
jhs-200062.7762.770.0062.7727 minutes ago
js108000. minutes ago
ks-600002. days ago
mc10080558.08558.080.00558.0835 minutes ago
ms-57505,760.545,760.540.005,760.54318 days ago
pc-10007. minutes ago
pm1212,234.07212,234.070.00212,234.07137 days ago
pw-20001.571.570.001.5720 minutes ago
ra-200034.7334.730.0034.73101 seconds ago
rs101000. minutes ago
sm-1000156.54156.540.00156.5419 minutes ago
vcb-0407170. days ago
yk-122000. minutes ago
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