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Following the huge popularity of MT4i's Personal Trade Copier, we have now launched the Internet Trade Mirror: free trade copying over the internet between different computers running MetaTrader 4.

The Internet Trade Mirror has all the functionality which has attracted thousands of users of the Personal Trade Copier. Senders can control which trades are broadcast. Receivers can control which trades are copied, and can alter lot sizing and other risk settings, and can even invert the direction of the sender's trades. The Mirror automatically converts between 2DP/4DP and 3DP/5DP brokers, and between different broker symbol names such as EURUSD and EURUSDcx. The Mirror supports partial closes, market execution, and allows the receiver to control slippage or simply place all orders at market.

The Internet Trade Mirror is currently in beta and restricted to 5 subscribers per account. Please contact us for an increased limit, or for a version of the software which you can run from your own server.

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