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We are pleased to announce that a new v7.10 is available of the Personal Trade Copier and Internet Trade Mirror software.

Additions in the new version include:

  • Improved memory usage
  • Improved handling of lost broker connections. If MT4 loses its connection to the broker, the software does additional checks that it is receiving the complete list of open positions from the broker.
  • Ability to set different lot-size multipliers for different symbols, using the CustomLotMultipliers setting (principally to handle different CFD contract sizes on the sending and receiving accounts)
  • Ability to delay the copying of positions for a set time (WaitForSeconds), or until a minimum profit is achieved (WaitForProfitPips)
  • Ability to control the maximum number of trades which are copied per day (MaxTradesPerDay)
  • Ability to control the trade copying using MT4 Global Variables.
  • Additional clarification and diagnostic information in the user guides.

For full information on these new features, please see the user guides:

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