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An update, v7.35, is available for the Personal Trade Copier and Internet Trade Mirror software.

There are no bug-fixes in this new release. It adds the following features:

  • FixedSLPipsIfNone setting in the Sender EAs. If an order has no stop-loss, the Sender can now be configured to broadcast a default stop-loss to the receiver(s).
  • IncludeMagicNumbers in the Sender EAs can now read a list of permitted magic numbers from a file on disk.
  • MinSLPips setting in the Receiver EAs. This can be used to enforce a minimum stop-loss on all orders.
  • CalculateRiskFactorFromBalance setting in the Receiver EAs. If turned on, risk-based lot sizing (UseRiskFactor) is calculated using account balance instead of account equity.
  • The use of MT4 global variables in the Receiver EAs has been expanded to provide control over the software's lot sizing.
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