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We are pleased to announce enhancements to the Trading Simulator for MT4 and for MT5:

  • You can now place trades while the Simulator is paused. For example, you can set the Simulator to pause when each bar ends, and place a new trade before resuming the Simulator. The trade is placed as soon as you un-pause the simulation.
  • As well as clicking on the markers on the chart, you can also edit open positions or pending orders from the Account Info list in the Settings section of the Simulator. The detail of each trade in the Account Info is now a link for opening the pop-up editing window.
  • MT4 only: you can now create monthly (MN1) offline charts, in addition to the existing options for H1, D1 etc

The option for creating monthly offline charts in the MT4 Simulator requires a new download of the software from the website. The other changes take effect automatically and do not require a new download.

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