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Version 7.01 of the Personal Trade Copier has finished its beta testing and is now the main live version.

Recapping previous information about the beta versions, changes in the Copier are as follows:

  • New facilities which help you to distinguish between multiple instances of the Copier - textual description on the chart, and colour-coding of Copier instances
  • Ability to risk a maximum cash amount, or % of equity or balance, in combination with a fixed stop-loss for all trades
  • Ability to create pending orders offset from the sender's entry price for positions, via a new EntryOffsetPips parameter
  • Separate permitted trading times for each day of the week
  • Extended the partial-close handling to work with fixed lot sizes (UseFixedLotSize parameter)
  • Fixed an issue where multiple channels could be affected if one receiving copy of MT4 lost its broker connection
  • Additional diagnostic information in the user guide

Click here to download the Personal Trade Copier.

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