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New version of the Personal Trade Copier - Tuesday, 2nd October 2012

A new version of the Personal Trade Copier is available.

The new version has improved auto-detection of the ForexSymbolSuffix parameter, catering for brokers who have two versions of each symbol: an untradeable symbol such as EURUSD which is only included for internal purposes, and a second symbol such as EURUSD# which is the actual tradeable version. The Trade Copier will now auto-detect the suffix as #, avoiding the need to set the ForexSymbolSuffix parameter manually.

The Trader Copier also now has MaxSenderLotSize and MinSenderLotSize parameters. These are similar to the existing IgnoreOrdersSmallerThanLots and IgnoreOrdersLargerThanLots filters, but apply to the original lot size on the sender, not the adjusted size which the receiver is about to trade.

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