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A new version of the Personal Trade Copier is available (v1.41).

Additions include the following:

  • Improved handling of partial closes
  • Ability to copy order comments from the sender account (UseOriginalOrderComments parameter) - but please see section 3.11 of the manual for notes about the disaster-recovery implications
  • Alerts about rejected orders by email as well as on screen
  • Limit on the maximum spread when trading (MaxSpreadPips parameter)
  • Control of maxium deviation on instant-execution brokers (MarketOrderSlippageParameter parameter, not applicable on market-execution brokers)
  • Immediate trade closure if slippage is too large (ImmediateCloseOnSlippagePips parameter)
  • New variable for use in alert messages: {PNLPIPS}
New version of the Internet Trade Mirror - Tuesday, 2nd October 2012

A new version of the Internet Trade Mirror software is available.

This inherits all recent changes to the Personal Trade Copier - for example, the improved auto-detection of the ForexSymbolSuffix parameter, and the new MaxSenderLotSize and MinSenderLotSize parameters.

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