FX Blue email library

FX Blue email library

The Email Library is a simple DLL which provides all the email functionality missing from MT4: multiple recipients, attached files, HTML formatting, support for GMail etc.


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About the app

The Email Library is a DLL which developers can use to provide all the email functionality which is missing from MT4:

  • Multiple recipients
  • Attached files
  • HTML-formatted messages
  • Mail servers which require SSL (e.g. GMail)
  • Altering the sender name of messages
  • CC and BCC recipients

All mail transmission is asynchronous, and does not block the execution of the EA/indicator.

The Email Library caters for any number of scenarios which MT4's built-in email handling cannot cope with:

  • Better-presented, more professional reports on trading activity (i.e. HTML formatting)
  • Backups, without the complexity of setting up an FTP server (i.e. send the backup files as attachments to emails)
  • Transmission of screenshots by email
  • Signal services, with different subscriber lists for different kinds of signal
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