FX Blue EACopy v600 for MT4

FX Blue EACopy v600 for MT4

EACopy simplifies the process of distributing new versions of .ex4 files across multiple instances of MT4. You simply put the new file(s) in one central place, and EACopy then transfers them into any number of different MT4 installations on your computer.


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About the app

EACopy simplifies the process of copying files into multiple installations of MT4. You can use it to copy an EA or indicator into multiple instances of MT4, or to copy .fxt files for backtesting, or to copy chart files or templates etc.

This is the MT4 version of EACopy. An MT5 version is also available.

For example, you can copy an indicator or EA into multiple MT4 installations simply by right-clicking over it in Windows Explorer; choosing EACopy600 from the Send To list; and then choosing which installations of MT4 to copy into.

You can create stored lists of MT4 installations so that e.g. you can quickly copy files into either your demo MT4 installations or your live installations.

EACopy can also be used for distributing other types of files between MT4 installations: .fxt history data for backtesting, templates, symbol sets etc.

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