FX Blue SMS library

FX Blue SMS library

The SMS Library is a simple DLL which any MT4 developer can use to add SMS alerts to their EA. The SMS is sent directly from MT4; delivery is faster and more reliable than using an email-to-SMS gateway.


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About the app

The SMS Library is a DLL which developers can use to add SMS alerts to any EA or indicator. (This library forms the basis of our TradeTalk EA for traders, and the SMS notifications in our auto-restart tool.)

The SMS transmission requires an account with Nexmo or Clickatell.

All SMS can be sent asynchronously - i.e. without blocking the execution of an EA/indicator. Nevertheless, delivery to recipients typically takes less than 5 seconds. This is not only substantially faster than using an email-to-SMS gateway, but is also more reliable, more flexible, and easier to configure.

The library caters for multiple SMS recipients, and automatically splits long messages over multiple texts (i.e. messages exceeding 160 characters).

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