Goods and Services Trade Balance

The Goods and Services Trade Balance released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the US Census Bureau is a balance between exports and imports of total goods and services. A positive value shows trade surplus, while a negative value shows trade deficit. It is an event that generates some volatility for the USD. If a steady demand in exchange for US exports is seen, that would turn into a positive growth in the trade balance, and that should be positive for the USD.<

Most recent - Wednesday 6 September 2023 12:30


Higher numbers than forecast tend to be bullish for USD/xxx pairs and bearish for xxx/USD pairs.

Next event - Thursday 5 October 2023 12:30


The typical/expected market impact of this event is low.

The consensus forecast for Goods and Services Trade Balance is $-65.1B. A higher value than forecast tends to be bullish for USD/xxx pairs and bearish for xxx/USD pairs.

Trading range

Forecast history

The most recent announced value for Goods and Services Trade Balance was $-65B against a forecast of $-65.8B.

Past events

Wednesday 6 September 2023 12:30
Tuesday 8 August 2023 12:30
Thursday 6 July 2023 12:30
Wednesday 7 June 2023 12:30
Thursday 4 May 2023 12:30
Wednesday 5 April 2023 12:30
Wednesday 8 March 2023 13:30
Tuesday 7 February 2023 13:30
Thursday 5 January 2023 13:30
Tuesday 6 December 2022 13:30
Thursday 3 November 2022 12:30
Wednesday 5 October 2022 12:30
Wednesday 7 September 2022 12:30
Thursday 4 August 2022 12:30
Thursday 7 July 2022 12:30
Tuesday 7 June 2022 12:30
Wednesday 4 May 2022 12:30
Tuesday 5 April 2022 12:30
Tuesday 8 March 2022 13:30
Tuesday 8 February 2022 13:30
Thursday 6 January 2022 13:30
Tuesday 7 December 2021 13:30
Thursday 4 November 2021 12:30
Tuesday 5 October 2021 12:30
Thursday 2 September 2021 12:30
Thursday 5 August 2021 12:30
Friday 2 July 2021 12:30
Tuesday 8 June 2021 12:30
Tuesday 4 May 2021 12:30
Wednesday 7 April 2021 12:30
Friday 5 March 2021 13:30
Friday 5 February 2021 13:30
Thursday 7 January 2021 13:30
Friday 4 December 2020 13:30
Wednesday 4 November 2020 13:30
Tuesday 6 October 2020 12:30

Economic context

Recent economic data has been broadly neutral for USD. Other recent announcements which may affect the market's interpretation of the next Goods and Services Trade Balance result:

Core Personal Consumption Expenditures - Price Index (MoM)Bearish change0.2%0.1%
Core Personal Consumption Expenditures - Price Index (YoY)Bearish change4.2%3.9%
Personal Consumption Expenditures - Price Index (MoM)Bullish change0.2%0.4%
Personal Consumption Expenditures - Price Index (YoY)Bullish change3.3%3.5%
Personal Income (MoM)Bullish change0.2%0.4%
Personal SpendingBearish change0.8%0.4%
Pending Home Sales (MoM)Bearish change0.9%-7.1%
Core Personal Consumption Expenditures (QoQ)(no change)3.7%3.7%
Gross Domestic Product Annualized(no change)2.1%2.1%
Gross Domestic Product Price IndexBearish change2%1.7%
Initial Jobless ClaimsBearish change202K204K
Personal Consumption Expenditures Prices (QoQ)(no change)2.5%2.5%
Durable Goods OrdersBullish change-5.6%0.2%
Durable Goods Orders ex DefenseBullish change-6%-0.7%
Durable Goods Orders ex TransportationBullish change0.1%0.4%
Nondefense Capital Goods Orders ex AircraftBullish change-0.4%0.9%
New Home Sales Change (MoM)Bearish change8%-8.7%
Housing Price Index (MoM)Bullish change0.4%0.8%
S&P Global Composite PMIBearish change50.250.1
S&P Global Manufacturing PMIBullish change47.948.9
S&P Global Services PMIBearish change50.550.2
Existing Home Sales Change (MoM)Bullish change-2.2%-0.7%
Initial Jobless ClaimsBullish change221K201K
Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing SurveyBearish change12-13.5
Fed Interest Rate Decision(no change)5.5%5.5%
Interest Rate Projections - 1st yearBullish change4.6%5.1%
Interest Rate Projections - 2nd yearBullish change3.4%3.9%
Interest Rate Projections - 3rd yearBearish change3.1%2.9%
Interest Rate Projections - Current(no change)5.6%5.6%
Interest Rate Projections - Longer(no change)2.5%2.5%
Building Permits (MoM)Bullish change1.443M1.543M
Housing Starts (MoM)Bearish change1.447M1.283M
Michigan Consumer Sentiment IndexBearish change69.567.7
UoM 5-year Consumer Inflation ExpectationBearish change3%2.7%
Industrial Production (MoM)Bearish change0.7%0.4%

About Goods and Services Trade Balance

Country:United States
Source:US Census Bureau
Category:Capital Flows
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